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It all started with a simple but revolutionary idea...

Boss Revolution Pinless was launched in 2009 and it rapidly became a revolution. In just a few years "the no pin, no fees, no expiration, no tricks" international long distance service resonated with our customers and it became the de facto alternative to the ubiquitous Calling Cards around the US, completely changing the market place.
By this time, BR Pinless became the fastest growing international calling service in the country with nationwide US presence and experiencing exponential growth. At the same time, Boss Revolution Retailer Network kept growing and established a one-to-one and real-time relationship with all our nationwide retailers and distributors that resulted in a more efficient distribution model that can react more quickly to changes in the business than that of the physical calling cards.
From the simple web portal driven concept, Boss Revolution quickly evolved into a full-service multi-product platform utilized by tens of thousands of retailers, to provide both banked and unbanked customers with a range of convenient and affordable telephony and payment services. Boss Revolution's platform was transformed from offering a revolutionary international long distance calling service to include domestic and international airtime top-ups to over 170 countries, where clients can recharge their mobile phones and those of their family and friends abroad instantly at any of our local retailers.
After the success story of the US market, IDT started looking at its other regions and expanded the Boss Revolution brand to other geographies. Spain and UK were rolled out first, as well as plans to expand to Europe and Asia markets. By now the US portal is offering Pinless, International and Domestic Mobile Recharges and laying out ambitious plans to enter the financial service arena.
In 2013, we ventured into offering our customers Financial Products over the Boss Revolution platform, including Domestic Bill Payment and International Money Transfer Services. Now, Boss Revolution customers can also send money directly to family and friends knowing that their funds will arrive securely and quickly to many countries in Latin America and expanding to over twenty African nations and key destinations in Asia including the Philippines, China and Vietnam. At the same time, we introduced our BR Calling App for smartphones and quickly became an award winning sensation among our customer base.
Accounting for over 700 million minutes and 12 million transactions per month, millions of customers, multiple selling platforms and thousands of retailers in 6 continents, there's no doubt what Boss Revolution has become and where it is headed.

What's in it for you?

  • A Profitable Business Model

    BOSS Revolution brings value and convenience to your retailers through our high-quality products and services, which drive consumer traffic, revenue and loyalty to your locations providing increased revenue opportunities.

    Fastest Growing, High Demand Products
    Aggressive Commissions & Base Residuals
    Cross Selling Opportunities
    No Inventory. No Overhead
    Increased Revenue Per User
  • A Strong Brand

    BOSS Revolution offers our customers a broad range of telecommunications and financial service products to make it easy to stay in touch with loved ones back home. Offered in many countries around the globe, Boss Revolution strives to offer our customers a convenient, inexpensive and quality experience every time they use our services.

    Brand Recognition & Loyalty
    Guaranteed IDT Brand & Quality
    Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Campaigns & POP
    Diverse Ethnic Demographic Reach
    Grassroots Activities
  • IDT Technology

    IDT platforms have processed billions of transactions over 20 years. Our battle-proven, cutting edge technology offers state of the art solutions and applications on the Boss Revolution platform to deliver high quality, low cost telecommunications and payment services for millions of customers around the globe.

    IDT Innovations & Platform
    One-Stop Shop Portal
    Security & Redundancy
    Multilevel Architecture
    Global Currency Platform
    Prepaid and Postpaid Support
  • A Solid Partnership

    Every day, millions of customers and tens of thousands of retailers/distributors around the world choose Boss Revolution for its outstanding platform, global reach, and leading suite of communication and financial services products. Join the Revolution and start benefiting from a new revenue stream today!

Solid & Evolving Product Portfolio

We know that sales start when a Customer says Yes and for that it all goes back to having good, simple and reliable products. It's our commitment to keep innovating and enabling you to profitably serve your customers with new and valuable products and services.

  • Pinless


    An international calling service that provides an easy, inexpensive, clean and no-hassle way to stay in touch with your loved ones abroad.

    • No Pin
    • No Fees
    • No Expiration
    • No Tricks
    • Rechargeable
  • International


    With Boss Revolution you can recharge friends and families mobile phones around the world. Customers pay in cash at a Boss Revolution retailer location here in the US and the phone abroad gets topped up instantly.

    • Real Time Recharge
    • No Cards
    • Top Carriers Worldwide
    • High Commissions & Low Fees
    • More Consumer Promotions

    With CALL ME you can get a local number in your home country that is forwarded to your phone number here in the US. Now your family and friends can call you for a local call rate!

    • Unlimited
    • Flat Rate
    • No Contract
    • Many Countries & Cities Available
    • No Internet or Equipment needed
    • Dedicated International Local Number

    Send money instantly to your Family & Friends from any participating Boss Revolution retailer in the U.S. to anywhere in the world. It's Reliable, Affordable and Convenient!

    • Aggressive Pricing & Low Fees
    • Funds Available in Minutes
    • Competitive Exchange Rates
    • Top Payers Worldwide
    • Instant Commission

    A fast and convenient way to pay all your bills on time and in cash at any participating Boss Revolution retailer near you.

    • Over 3000+ billers nationwide
    • Low Consumer Fees
    • Pay Utility, Phone, Cable, Credit Cards & more
    • Convenient, Fast & Safe
    • Instant Commission

    Enjoy all the benefits of a credit card without all the hassles. Use as an instant use card or Personalize for a reloadable card with many features. You can reload your personalized Prepaid Visa Card at any participating Boss Revolution retailer.

    • No credit check or bank account required
    • Use it Anywhere VISA is accepted
    • Reload in Cash or Direct Deposit
    • Order secondary cards for family members
    • Make purchases online, in-stores or withdraw cash from ATMs

    Want to make online purchases safely and securely? No problem! Get a Visa Virtual Account at any participating Boss Revolution retailer near you.
    A BOSS REVOLUTION VISA VIRTUAL ACCOUNT is a Visa number without a physical card. It works as a prepaid Visa card for online purchases or bill payments.

    • Ready to Use in Minutes
    • Load Any Amount from $10 - $250
    • Shop Online Safe & Secure
    • No Credit Check or ID required
    • Makes a Great Gift

Multiple Ways to Sell

Boss Revolution helps our partners grow their business by allowing them to sell what they want, when they want and how they want. Let your business expand by not only having multiple products but also having multiple processing options to reach your customers.

  • Pinless


    With Boss Revolution's web portal, retailers have a new way to sell. Retailers don't need to carry inventory or spend on overhead anymore. They can sell hundreds of products from only one platform. Retailers can also view real time commissions, sales and manage their account straight from their computer.

    • Multi level support
    • Prepaid and Post Paid
    • No inventory. Minimize overhead
    • Access it from anywhere anytime
    • Easy access. Only need a computer with internet
  • Pinless


    Don't have a computer? No problem! With Boss Revolution's interactive voice response system retailers are able to dial a designated phone number that recognizes their retailer account and allows them to sell our products by making selections over the phone. No internet connection is required; all you need is a phone.

    • Sell directly from any phone
    • Access the same account and funds
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Phone Access Protection can be set up
    • Sell Pinless, Domestic and International Recharges

    Want to sell on the go? From anywhere? From any device? Boss Revolution has a Retailer Mobile Site that is optimized for all mobile devices. Retailers can now sell from any smartphone or tablet, anywhere anytime.

    • No Internet or computer required
    • Innovative design for easy use on mobile screen formats
    • Powerful PowerSearch function to lookup accounts fast
    • Sell directly from any smartphone or tablet
    • Real time commission tracking and prompts

    Don't have space for a computer but still want to sell Boss Revolution? Want to sell the traditional way because some customers still prefer hard cards? No problem. Boss Revolution Hard Cards offer the same old hard card format but with an innovative customer recognition activation and recharge system that will make even the hard card experience "revolutionary".

    • No internet or computer required
    • Quick Activation and Recharge Flow
    • Multiple Denominations
    • Quick transactions time
    • Low Balance Alerts

    Have a high traffic store? You can't keep up with the demand and traffic at your location. A Boss Revolution KIOSK is the perfect solution for these environments. A kiosk allows retailers to have a self service station where customers can purchase Boss Revolution products without needing the assistance of a store agent.

    • Same Products. Same Experience
    • Customer self-check-out
    • Takes Bills. Print Receipts
    • No retailer interaction required
    • User friendly

One Brand

Boss Revolution has a strong brand that we invest in heavily. We run commercials in major Hispanic media networks, we have product integration in popular Hispanic shows, we participate in Grassroots events and have strong street and store branding.

  • TV ADS
  • TV ADS

    Boss Revolution has prominent presence with an array of important and popular network partners amongst our demographics. We have placement with National Networks that concentrate on National Spanish TV around entertainment and sports programming. We have placements with Regional/Latin American Networks which allows us to target specific markets and specific countries. As well as Sports Networks where we focus on live soccer matches, Union of European Football Association (UEFA), Championship Leagues, Copa Libertados, and MLB and professional boxing matches.

    Major Media
    Niche Media

    We have tremendous exposure for our brand from our product integration in popular Hispanic shows, including Univision #1 Saturday Family Show "Sabadado Gigante". These shows speak about and use our products which reinforces recognition and reliability in the eyes of the consumer.

    • Sábado Gigante
    • Acceso Total
    • Despierta Nueva York
    • Hoy

    Each year Boss Revolution attends community events and hosts in-store events. We love connecting with our customers where they are in their natural element - eating, playing and having fun. These events are a great opportunity for us to educate our customers and retailers on new products and promotions.

    • Hundreds of community events
    • Thousands of in-store events Nationwide
    • Hundreds of thousands of Brand impressions

    Boss Revolution believes in ONE BRAND. We invest heavily is all aspects of branding to promote product recognition and loyalty. When a customer goes to a Boss Revolution Retailer they request our product by name.

    • Billboards
    • Car wraps
    • Brochures
    • Banners
    • Posters
    • Promo Items

Hear what our customers are saying

  • Opportunity.
    Distributor in Colorado

    Distributing the Boss Revolution telecom and financial services platform has given me the opportunity to build a successful business opportunity for our customers. Our retailers have generated significant income by selling Boss Revolution. We continue to work with the retailers to increase their sales.

  • Appreciation.
    Distributor in Nevada

    I appreciate the support IDT has provided both to my company and to the now 3 million Boss Revolution customers. IDT continues to invest heavily in building the Boss Revolution brand, and expand services offered on the Boss Revolution platform. This gives me the confidence to invest in my business for the long term.

  • Happy customers.
    Retailer in Florida

    With Boss Revolution my business model completely changed. From having to manage hard cards inventory, to real time transactions with no cards and no inventory. My overhead is lower and my customers are happier.

  • Quality products.
    Retailer in Virginia

    Since I started working with Boss Revolution 5 years ago I've seen copycats come and go. Boss Revolution pays commissions on time every month, offers great quality products and always investing in their band so customers recognize their products. I know Boss Revolution is here for the long run.

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